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Ben Gurion Departures Information

Ben Gurion Airport has two passengers terminals: Terminal 3 and Terminal 1. Most of Ben Gurion flights depart from Terminal 3. It includes all flights of El Al. Terminal 1 serves all domestic flights by Arkia and Israir, and most international low-cost flights such as easyJet. The Israeli National train arrives at Terminal 3, but if your flight departs from Terminal 1, you can use the free shuttle bus running every few minutes. The pickup station at Terminal 3 is on Level G near Gate 01, and it stops near the entrance of Terminal 1.

Ben Gurion Terminal 3

Level 3 is for departing passengers, and most check-in counters are located there. However, sometimes it can be on another floor, so check the current information upon your arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Self-check-in kiosks are in Level 3, and Level G. Terminal 3 has an easy and convenient access for travelers with disabilities. If you need assistance, simply ask at the information counter. If your international flight departs from Terminal 1, but you have only hand luggage, you may go directly to the security check at Terminal 3 on the 3rd floor and from there to your gate.

Ben Gurion Terminal 1

The old terminal of Ben Gurion Airport is going through massive reconstructions. Terminal 1 serves all domestic flights, and also international low-cost flights by airlines such as Arkia, easyJet, Israir, Norwegian, UP and Wizz Air. Terminal 1 is closed for international flights until May 2017. Afterward all flights services will be given at the terminals, including restaurants, cafes, and Duty-Free stores including the service which allows you to keep everything you bought until your return to Israel with no extra fee. It means no more buses to Terminal 3 after you checked-in.

When do I check-in at Ben Gurion Airport?

If you didn't check-in online on your airline's website or app, you could use the self-check-in kiosks. Check-in counters open three hours prior to the scheduled departure time until one hour before your flight. Check-in for domestic flights starts 90 minutes ahead of scheduled departure.

Ben Gurion Arrivals Information

All international flights arrive at Terminal 3. If you purchased any goods at the Duty-Free and used the free keeping service, retrieve your goods upon your return. The counters are located near the luggage belts. After you picked up your luggage, use the green route if you have nothing to declare. Otherwise, go through the red route. The arrivals and the greater hall is located On Level G, so tell your friends or family to meet you there.

On level S you will find the train to Tel Aviv. It operates every 30-60 minutes, depending on the time of the day. Please note that during the Sabbath – Friday afternoon until Sunday morning and also on holidays, there are no trains and buses to and from the airport.

Pick up and drop off at Ben Gurion Airport

If you are picking up someone off a flight, or dropping off someone at Terminal 3, use the greeters parking lot. This is a passage line that for picking up and dropping off passengers and allows you to pass through the car parking lot for up to 15 minutes free of charge. The car park has 160 parking spaces for longer parking periods, up to five hours. The first hour costs ₪30; each additional 15 minutes cost ₪6. However, if you need more than the free allowance, it's cheaper to use the nearby short-term vineyard car park Terminal 3. The fee is ₪18 for the first hour, and ₪4 for each additional 15 minutes.

Where should I park at Ben Gurion Airport?

Ben Gurion Airport operates several short and long term car parks. You can pay the parking fee using credit cards as well as cash in Israeli and foreign currencies.

Short-term parking at Ben Gurion Airport

Short-Term Parking (up to 24 hours) – Vineyard Car Park Terminal 3. The car park includes approximately 1,250 parking spaces, 750 are roofed. The fee is ₪18 per hour, ₪4 for each additional 15 minutes. The maximum rate per day is ₪90. Vehicles parked for more than 24 hours will be towed, and the owner will bear all the towing and parking costs.

Long Term Parking at Ben Gurion Airport

The main long-term car park operates 24/7. It includes 3,400 open parking spaces and 110 roofed. The fees are ₪40 per day in the open spaces, ₪70 for the roofed ones. Shuttle buses to Terminal 3 and back depart every 10-20 minutes, 24/7. Passengers departing from or arriving at Terminal 1 should use the long-term car park near Terminal 1. Vehicle start-up and assistance in tire change services are offered free of charge when needed. There is and additional long-term park closer to Terminal 3 with 750 parking spaces, 500 of which are roofed. The fee is ₪80 per day.

The car park for Terminal 1 passengers has 1,400 parking spaces in a multi-
Level building. Short term parking (up to 24 hours) costs ₪16 for the first hour and ₪3 for each additional 15 minutes. You will not pay more than ₪80 per day. Long-term parking costs ₪40 per day.

How to get to and from Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport By car

Ben Gurion Airport is a 22-km drive from Tel Aviv. It takes about 20-25 minutes, as long as there is no heavy traffic. If you are coming from Jerusalem, the ride is about 57 km long. There are two entrances to Ben Gurion Airport. The main entrance is on Route 1 (Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road), the secondary access is from Route 40 (El Al Junction). Be ready to open the window for a security check before entering the airport. After you've been cleared, just follow the signs to the parking lot of the terminal you depart from.

Ben Gurion Airport By train

The train station is located at level S of Terminal 3. You can access it via level G, near Gate 03 at the arrivals and greeters hall. If you live near the route Nahariya-Modi'in – that could be the cheapest option to get to and from Ben Gurion Airport. If you need to check-in at Terminal 1, you will need to use the free shuttle bus service from Terminal 3. You will see large and clear signs directing to the shuttle's pick-up point, at level 2. The shuttle operates every 15-20 minutes, and the ride is about 10-15 minutes. If you need to be at the airport on a Friday after 15:00 or on a Saturday before 21:00, there is no train service to Ben Gurion Airport. The same goes for Holiday's Eve and day. A single ticket to and from Tel Aviv costs ₪13.5.

Ben Gurion Airport By bus

Egged, Metropoline, and Veolia are operating regular bus lines from some cities to Ben Gurion Airport. Line 476 departs from Tel Aviv; line 330 services Be'er Sheva and Ashdod, line 239 goes to and from Ramla and Lod. Lines 5 (Egged), 13 (Superbus) and 239 (Veolia) will take you from El Al Junction to one of the two terminals. Just like the train service – there are no buses between Friday afternoon until Saturday night.

Ben Gurion Airport by a Taxi

The licensed taxis are waiting at the official taxi station at level G at Terminal 3. Getting to the airport from Tel Aviv costs ₪100-130 and at least ₪180 from Jerusalem. However, the way from the airport to your destination in Israel can be 60% higher.

Ben Gurion Airport by a Service Taxi

Service Taxis, "Monit Sherut", are available from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem, Haifa, and other destinations in the north. Each service taxi can take ten passengers, and the fee is ₪77-95, depends on your final destination.