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How to find a flight sale before it’s gone

You too saw the news about that new route for less than ₪100 from Ben Gurion Airport or Ovda Airport to destinations in Europe? You rushed to search and book it, but you’re never quick enough to book that flight sale. You probably think that the airline either offered two tickets for this price and that you will never have a chance to get a flight for that bargain basement price. We’ve collected for you four tips that have been tested and tried so that you can catch a flight sale before the cheap tickets are all gone. On your marks, get set - go!

1. Search “Everywhere

When you search cheap tickets, flexibility is the name of the game. The more flexible you are – the cheaper the tickets you get. When you search either on or our mobile app, don’t specify a destination. Instead, type in the “to” field “everywhere.” Now you can select the dates and the number of travelers you are flying with, and click the search button. Now the magic happens, and we will show you a large range of destinations, including flight sale when there is any. Flights are displayed from the cheapest destination to the most expensive, but even the higher offers can be a great value for that flight. For example, $585 (₪1,948) round trip to New York is a fantastic offer, but it’s still going to be displayed well below the $59 (₪212) offer to Paphos.

2. Search for flights across a whole month

Remember what the name of the game is? That’s right – flexibility. Don’t get attached to specific dates. First, enter your desired destination. Now select the month you want to travel in the “Depart” and “Return” search boxes. In the next screen, you will see two calendars if you’ve selected a particular destination. If you’ve searched “everywhere” then you will see a drop-down list of all the destination. To know more about the flight sale, choose a destination and click on the price shown on the green button. If you combine step one and two, meaning selecting “everywhere” and “whole month” together, you might get a real rock bottom price: how does a round-trip ticket to Boston for $347 (₪1,251) sound to you?

3. Search by country, not city

So you are dreaming about a coast-to-coast trip in the US but don’t care where to start? Or you are looking for some Spanish tapas, but you are happy with either Madrid or Barcelona? How about that craving for Indian food but you don’t really care in which Indian city you stuff your belly? Exactly for people like you, we have the country search option. All you have to do is typing in your departure city, the dates of travel, and the country instead of the city you are going to. For example, United States, Spain, or India. Let’s take the US as an example. You will see a list of cities in the US listed in ascending order. If there is a flight sale, it will appear there too. Starting your trip in Miami instead of New York could help your bank account stay fit. Speaking of cheap flights, read our suggestions on how to feel like a First Class traveler even if you fly Economy.

4. No spam: Set up Price Alert emails

So you did everything we recommended to find the best flight sale available on the market, you got the best prices you could find anywhere, but you are afraid that the price will drop down after you already booked. If you are not in a hurry and still have time to hesitate, sign up for our email alerts. Click on “Get Price Alerts” button on the left side of the screen. Here you can sign up for our alerts. You will receive an email from us whenever the price of the flight you wanted goes up or down. You can sign up for as many alerts as you wish, for any combination of dates and destinations, until you find the best flight sale that suits your budget and travel needs. You can unsubscribe at any time. Read our expert tips for booking best flight deals that you must know about.

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