Skyscanner will help you through the tough times

Covid 19 has been a really tough time for everyone, not only has Skyscanner gone above and beyond with their customer service, providing updates and constant support but they have been incredibly helpful with requests they shouldn’t even having to be dealing with. Most airlines have been absolute rubbish but at least Skyscanner was there through the whole customer journey!

I would like to thank SkyScanner for…

I would like to thank SkyScanner for their
follow-up, interest in their customers and credibility. I trust you and I am proud to do business with you.
Special Thanks to Pei Shan..

Have a great day

Best Wishes
Mansour Alzahrani

You'll get a refund.. Yeah right!

They cancelled my flight due to covid 19 which is fair enough then they send an email to advise I will get a refund in 10 workings days! 3 phone calls and 38 workings days later I'm still trying to get my refund. They are taking advantage of this situation. I will continue to hassle them until i get my refund or use up what it's worth to them in their own resources.

If there was a lower rating i would…

If there was a lower rating i would have given it to them. Booked a ticket using skyscanner money was taken but the ticket was never sent. This is just robbery, the name of the air line was aljazeera airlines


See my review below and as you can see they don’t care about customers.
So many negative reviews about this SHAMBOLIC AND DISHONEST yes DISHONEST company and I have the evidence to prove this DISHONESTY


I had booked with them earlier this year. They took the payment from my credit card immediately. Two months later COVID comes and flights get cancelled. Despite getting an email from Etihad who Skyscanner had done the booking with informing me that the flight was cancelled and I could either have vouchers or a full refund. But as I had booked through sky scanner I would have to pursue my claim through them. Initially they refused a refund until I quoted EU legislation. It was then they reluctantly agreed (after a trail of emails back and forth). I then got an email saying the refund would be paid back to my credit card after 10 working days. After 15 working days still nothing refunded. This was followed by emails and telephone calls and then finally promised that it would be paid no later than the 19th of May. When no payment came through I called them again and was told that they could not give a definitive date or even time period for the refund. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was told one was not available then they took my number and said a supervisor would call me back. THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN EITHER. Despite explaining my circumstances with no income or payments from the government and my own personal health and vulnerability issues they took NO NOTICE.
Sky scanner have blatantly lied on numerous occasions and DO NOT want to give customers there money back.


Skyscanner uses agencies like TravelGenio that continue to accept bookings yet do not respond to customer emails, phone calls (which are dead tone or say they are not taking calls at this time despite calling within opening hours)... It has been 4 months and I TravelGenio are not responding to anything let alone giving any money back for cancelled flight. And NO, YOU ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY COVERED UNDER CREDIT CARD S.75 AS I HAD THOUGHT WHEN BOOKING! NOTHING SHORT OR DAYLIGHT FRAUD

Beware. You are not safe with this company.

Beware. Skyscanner uses agencies that will take your money and leave you with nothing. They are foreign agencies that will leave you with no way to get recourse when they scam you out of your money. Travel2be is the agency they used in my families case. It was and has been the worst experience we have ever had and our family lost $1,400 with no way to get it back. No tickets and no refund. Absolutely amazing that this can happen and it is skyscanner that facilitates this kind of thing.

Ok so had a bit of a nightmare with…

Ok so had a bit of a nightmare with going back wards and forwards between skyscanner and airline, both saying it was each other that needed to refund us for cancelled flight. This morning I gave Skyscanner a last attempt call as was fed up at this point but spoke to someone called Chris was so helpful, sorted everything for us and said he would personally ensure he would check in on the progress of the issue to get it wrapped up ASAP. He also called me back to update me and tell me everything was in the process of being rectified. Thank you-you have restored my faith is Skyscanner- Great customer service!


Go-to site for any flights

I love skyScanner

I love skyScanner, it's very easy to use, and it helps you find great prices. I like that they launched their own service for buying flights. I would like to see more of this!

Used Skyscanner many times and its my…

Used Skyscanner many times and its my first choice when buying flight tickets.

Used to be good now is showing…

Used to be good now is showing misleading prices, it's very frustrating. I select a day with economic prices and then this flight doesn't come up! Seems like they do that on purpose to confuse you. I won't be using it again so many other options!

Reply from Skyscanner
Hi Anna,

Thanks for your review, and we’re sorry that you’ve spotted some price inconsistencies.

Because we don’t set prices ourselves, it’s not possible for us to guarantee the prices of airlines and travel agents. We make every effort to ensure the information you see on Skyscanner is accurate and up to date but prices can change frequently with availability.

Very occasionally there can also be a problem with the prices being passed through to us to show by a provider, or there are technical reasons why the price is not represented accurately. We are working hard to make sure our pricing is as accurate as possible, which is of course in our own interests as well as our users’. Unfortunately, we cannot completely eliminate some occasional inaccuracies.

We hope this one instance inconvenience does not stop you from using Skyscanner in the future and wish you all the best,


Emma at skyscanner has been extremely…

Emma at skyscanner has been extremely helpful, professional and responsive during the covid time. Lots of flights have been cancelled and with her intervention I was able to get my money back from a travel agency my flight was booked with! It has restored my faith in sky scanner!

Good user interface but prices change…

Good user interface but prices change after redirecting to site!

Complained about these vendors to SkyScanner but these vendors still show up and prices increase greatly upon redirecting to vendor site!
What a waste of time!!

Reply from Skyscanner
Hello Maurice,

Thanks for getting in touch with us and sharing your experience.

As a travel search engine (or price comparison site), Skyscanner is a tool to help travellers plan their trips and find the best travel arrangements. However, we don't advertise prices ourselves. Instead, we display them on behalf of the travel providers. Skyscanner doesn't influence prices at all, either. We are only able to display the rates and availability that the travel providers pass through to us to be displayed. 

If a travel provider is having a technical issue with their prices, unfortunately, we have no real control over this. Of course, we appreciate when people contact us, so we can take the necessary actions. Price accuracy is very important to us. I assure you that we take feedback such as this very seriously.

I hope this helps clarify and that this won't stop you from using our search engine in the future.



Skyscanner is showing flights from very…

Skyscanner is showing flights from very shady unknown companies that offer up flights that don’t exist or maybe were canceled some time ago. These shady companies will gladly take your money and fight to not give you a refund. For example an Air China flight from IAH to TSN is showing for $5077 on May 19th on Skyscanner using Hop2, Justfly and several other unknown outfits. Air China currently offers NO flights on this route. Maybe they some months ago before Covid-19 but these places will still take your money offering tickets on a non-existing flight. The reviews on these companies are terrible. Maybe some of these companies are the same with just different names. Very disappointed.

Reply from Skyscanner
Hello Mike,

Thanks for your review and we are very sorry to hear of your disappointment.

If you can include all the search details via the link below, a member of the Support team will pick this up, and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thanks again, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


I can honestly say I am extremely…

I can honestly say I am extremely disappointed with Skyscanner, I booked flights through this companies website in Feb. They directed me to a company called Travel2be. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, my flights were cancelled on the 17th March and since then I've been chasing Travel2be for my money back. While Skyscanner will claim it has nothing to do with them and customers should follow up with the respective travel agencies. Customers use Skyscanner because they trust the website and when they make a suggestion that causes a customer to lose money it reflects on this company. I for one wish I paid the little extra and booked directly with airlines as I would have received my money by now. I'll be running a campaign on my social media platforms to highlight the problems with booking through companies such as this and ensuring people avoid these types of websites!!! Until my refund is processed.

Reply from Skyscanner
Hello Smalik,

Thank you for sharing your honest opinion on one of our partners.

I can see that you submitted a query through our Help section, thank you for that. We will be in touch with you soon and will do our best to help you.

We wish you all the best in these challenging times. Take care!

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So helpful. Don't know how i would manage without them

Excellent customer service!

We had to cancel several flights due to COVID and I must say, every time we’ve called your customer service, they were exceptionally helpful! They were so friendly all the time I wish I could give their names but we dealt with 3/4 people and every time it was very very very good customer